Here’s a quick look at our former space in Kenmore Square. 

The large studio included mirrors along two walls, 18′ high ceilings, and a projector screen for lectures and presentations.

The smaller studio had mirrors along one wall and natural light.

Not pictured is our smallest studio, suitable for one-on-one instruction or static photography.

A large open room with mirrors along two of the walls. There is a light colored wooden floor and high ceilings.
The larger of or two old studios. This space is no longer available, but we expect our new home to be even more beautiful!
The corner of a large room.  An automated projector screen hangs on one wall.
This automated projector screen was used for classes and presentations, historical lectures, and private screenings of works-in-progress
A small dance studio with mirrors along the left wall and windows directly in front of the viewer.
Our sunny smaller studio was suitable for classes of up to 10 people, rehearsals, or photography.